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Palliser, Esther (born 1872)(More)
Born in Philadelphia, Pa
Was with the company from 1889 to 1891
Roles played: Gianetta

Palmay, Ilka von (born 1864)(More)(Photo)
Born Ilka Petrass in Kaschau, Hungary on 21st September
Was with the company from 1896 to 1897
Created the role of Julia in "The Grand Duke
Other roles: played: Elsie Maynard

Palmer, Christene(More)(Photo)
Born in Geelong, Australia
Married to Norman W Wright
Was with the company from 1965 to 1971
Roles played: Little Buttercup, Ruth (Pirates), Lady Jane, Fairy Queen, Lady Blanche, Katisha, Dame Hannah, Dame Carruthers and Duchess of Plaza-Toro

Palmer, David(More)(Photo)
Born in London
Married Ann Hood (marriage dissolved)
Was with the company from 1963 to 1967
Roles played: Box, Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Duke of Dunstable, Tolloller, Cyril, Nanki-Poo, Richard Dauntless, Leonard Meryll, Francesco, Luiz and Marco

Parkes, Clifford
Born in Staffordshire
Was with the company from 1965 to 1969
Roles played: Foreman of Jury, Usher, Bob Becket, Pirate King, Colonel Calverley, Go-To, Mikado, Old Adam, 2nd Yeomen, Sergeant Meryll and Giorgio
He was later with the Royal Opera, Covent Garden

Passmore, Walter (1867 - 1946)(More)(Photo)
Born in London 10th May
Married to Agnes Fraser
Was with the company from 1893 to 1903
Created the roles of Tarara in "Utopia Limited" and Rudolph in "The Grand Duke"
Other roles played: Usher, J.W. Wells, Sir Joseph Porter, Sergeant of Police, Reginald Bunthorne, Lord Chancellor, Ko-Ko, Jack Point, Don Alhambra and King Paramount

Paul, Mrs Howard (1833 - 1879)(Photos)
Born Isabella Featherstone in Dartford
Was with the company from 1877 to 1878
Created the role of Lady Sangazure

Penley, William Sydney (1851 - 1912)
Born in Margate on 19th November
Was with the company from 1875 to 1877; 1879 and 1891
Roles played: Foreman, Judge, Sir Joseph Porter

Perry, Florence (1869 - 1949)(Photo)
Was with the company from 1890 to 1898
Created the roles of Princess Kalyba and Lisa
Other roles played: Josephine, Phyllis, Yum-Yum, Phoebe Meryll, Gianetta and Julia Jellicoe

Pert, Jill(More)
Born in London
Was with the company from 1978 to 1982
Roles played: Little Buttercup, Edith, Fairy Queen, Katisha and Inez

Pointer, Sidney (1889 - 1955)(Photo)
Was with the company from 1923 to 1926
Roles played: Defendant, Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Duke of Dunstable, Earl Tolloller, Cyril, Colonel Fairfax and Marco

Porter, David
Married to Pamela Field
Was with the company from 1972 to 1975
Roles played: Bob Becket, Pirate King, Mountararat, Giorgio and Blushington

Potter, Philip (born 1936)(More)(Photo)
Born in Leicester 6th February
Was with the company from 1961 to 1971 and 1979 (Australian tour)
Roles played: Defendant, Frederic, Duke of Dunstable, Tolloller, Hilarion, Nanki-Poo, Richard Dauntless, Colonel Fairfax and Luiz

Pounds, Courtice (1862 - 1927)(More)(Photos)
Born Charles Courtice Pounds in London 30th May
Married 1) Jessie Gaston-Murray 2) Millicent Pine
Was with the company from 1881 to 1895
Created the roles of Colonel Fairfax in "The Yeomen of the Guard" and Marco in "The Gondoliers"
Other roles played Defendant, Ralph Rackstraw, Tolloller; Hilarion, Nanki-Poo and Richard Dauntless

Pounds, Jessie
Formerly sang in the name of Jessie Gaston
Married to Courtice Pounds
Was with the company from 1885 to 1886, 1891 to 1892 and 1898 to 1901
Roles played: Mrs Partlet, Ruth (Pirates), Lady Jane and Inez

Pounds, Louie(Photos)
Born in Kensington, London
Was with company from 1899 to 1903
Roles played: Kate (Pirates) and Iolanthe
Sister of Courtice Pounds

Power, George (1846 -1928)(Photos)
Was with the company from 1878 to 1881
Created the roles of Ralph Rackstraw in "HMS Pinafore" and Frederic in "The Pirates of Penzance"
Other roles played: Defendant and Alexis
He later became Sir George Power (Bart.)

Pratt, Peter (1923 - 1995)(More)(Photos)
Born in Eastbourne 23rd March
Married 1) Joyce Wright 2) Patience Sheffield (daughter of Leo Sheffield)
Was with the company from 1945 to 1959
Roles played: Bouncer; Boatswain, Sir Joseph Porter, General Stanley, Reginald Bunthorne, Major Murgatroyd, Lord Chancellor, Go~To, Ko-Ko, Robin Oakapple, 2nd Citizen, Jack Point, Antonio, Duke of Plaza-Toro

Prendergast, Glynis
Was with company from 1975 to 1977
Roles played: Plaintiff, Mabel, Lady Ella, Ceilia, Chloe, Yum-Yum, Rose Maybud and Fiametta

Preston, Tatiana(Photos)
Was with company from 1952 to 1954
Roles played: Phyllis, Yum-Yum, Rose Maybud and Casilda

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