"The pathetic-dramatic part of Katisha, well taken by Christene Palmer. . . ", "Christene Palmer, with her mystique, was a perfect Little Buttercup" . . .", "Christene Palmer makes the elderly lady rather less ugly than usual and this is not unpleasing. Most Katishas are utterly repellent. . "Christene Palmer's smooth contralto"

Press and public alike took Christene Palmer to their hearts for her portrayal of Gilbert's difficult contralto character parts. With her fine voice and her warmth of personality, she brought a new sympathy to these sometimes most unsympathetic roles.

Christene was born and brought up in Geelong, Australia, attending High School and studying singing, piano and harmony there before going to Melbourne for further voice training.

In 1961 she came to London to continue her studies, joining the National School of Opera and singing at Glyndebourne for two seasons before joining the Company in 1964.

Christene was with the company seven years and sang all the contralto parts except Lady Sangazure, "The Sorcerer" only being revived on the eve of her departure from the company in 1971.

Performing the roles with which Bertha Lewis is identified in so many people's minds is never an easy assignment, but Christene Palmer lived up to the highest traditions and had a great following wherever she went

She married Norman Wilfred Wright who was a chorister (tenor) with the company from 1969 to 1971.

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