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Raffell, Anthony(Photos)
Married Vivian Carman (marriage dissolved)
Was with the company from 1961 to 1967
Roles played: Bouncer, Foreman, Bob Becket, Samuel, Pirate King, Colonel Calverley, Guron, Go-To, Mikado, 2nd Yeoman and Giorgio

Rands, Leslie (1900 - 1972)(More)(Photos)
Born in Chichester on 7th January
Married to Marjorie Eyre
Was with the company from 1925 to 1947
Roles played: Cox, Judge, Counsel, Dr. Daly, Captain Corcoran, Samuel, Archibald Grosvenor, Mountararat, Strephon, Florian, Pish-Tush, Lieutenant of the Tower, Luiz and Giuseppe

Rayner, Michael(More)(Photos)
Born in Derby
Was with the company from 1971 to 1979
Roles played:Cox, Counsel, Captain Corcoran, Samuel, Sergeant. of Police, Strephon, Guron, Arac, Pish-Tush, Lieutenant of the Tower, Giuseppe, Mr Goldbury and Tannhauser

Reed, John (born 1915)(More)(Photos)
Born in Bishop Auckland on 13th February
Was with the company from 1951 to 1979 and, as a guest artiste from 1981 to 1982
Roles played: Cox, Associate, Judge, J.W. Wells. Sir Joseph Porter, General Stanley, Major Murgatroyd, Reginald Bunthorne, Lord Chancellor, King Gama, Ko-Ko, Robin Oakapple, 2nd Citizen, Jack Point, Antonio, Annibale, Duke of Plaza-Toro, Scaphio and Rudolph
He was awarded the O.B.E. in 1977.

Reid, Meston (1945 - 1993)(More)(Photos)
Born Alexander Meston Reid in Aberdeenshire on 21st March
Was with the company from 1974 to 1982
Roles played: Box. Alexis, Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Duke of Dunstable, Tolloller, Hilarion, Richard Dauntless, Leonard Meryll, Marco and Captain Fitzbattleaxe

Rene, Louie(Photos)
Born in London
Was with the company from 1894 to 1903 and 1906 to 1914
Roles played: Lady Sangazure, Little Buttercup, Ruth (Pirates), Lady Jane, Fairy Queen, Lady Blanche, Katisha, Dame Carruthers, Duchess of Plaza-Toro, Lady Sophy and Baroness von Krakenfeldt
Sister of H. Scott Russell

Richards, Arthur(Photos)
Was with the company from 1956 to 1957
Roles played: Sergeant of Police, Archibald Grosvenor, Sergeant Willis, Pooh-Bah, Sir Despard Murgatroyd, Wilfred Shadbolt and Don Alhambra

Riordan, Joseph
Was with the company from 1956 to 1963
Roles played: Box, Defendant, Duke of Dunstable, Tolloller, Richard Dauntless, 1st Yeoman, Leonard Meryll, Colonel Fairfax and Francesco.
After leaving D'Oyly Carte Company, he did freelance work, including Covent Garden, followed by a visit to the Athens Festival in 1965 to sing in "Oedipus Rex" with Stravinsky himself present at the performance.
In 1966 he appeared in "The Yeomen of the Guard" at the Tower of London (where he met his wife - who is also a singer). Also in 1966 he joined Sadlers Wells Opera Co., which in 1968 became the English National Opera. There he played Frosch in "Die Fledermaus" and also Dr.Blindt in the same Opera, and appeared in a concert performance of the Opera in 1975 at the Proms
While with the ENO Joe played several roles for the Company - notably: Duke of Dunstable (Patience), Barclay de Tolly (War & Peace), Remendado (Carmen) amongst many others.
He has one son who is a professional oboist. Joe retired in 1996.

Ripple, Pacie (1864 - 1941)
Born in Dublin on 20th April
Was with the company from 1888 to 1892 and 1903 to 1907
Roles played: Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Duke of Dunstable, Tolloller, Cyril, Nanki-Poo, Colonel Fairfax and Marco
Also appeared under the names of C. Barrett, Mr Boole and Arthur Pacie

Roach, Jeanette
Was with company from 1958 to 1963
Roles played: Little Buttercup, Ruth (Pirates), Fairy Queen, Katisha, Dame Carruthers, Inez and Duchess of Plaza-Toro

Roberts, Helen (born 1912)(More)
Married to Richard Walker
Was with the company from 1938 to 1948
Roles played: Josephine, Mabel, Patience, Phyllis, Princess Ida, Yum-Yum, Elsie Maynard and Gianetta

Robertson, J.G.(More)
Born in Peru
Was with the company from 1887 to 1888
Roles played: Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Nanki-Poo

Ronald, Rowena(Photos)
Was with the company in 1932
Roles played: Mabel Phyllis and Casilda

Roosevelt, Blanche (1853 - 1898)(More)
Born Blanche Tucker in Sandusky, Ohio
Was with the company from 1879 to 1880
Roles played: Aline, Josephine and Mabel
Sang at Covent Garden under the name of 'Rosavilla'

Rose, Jessie(Photos)
Was with the company from 1896 to 1909
Created the role of Bertha
Other roles played: Plaintiff, Hebe, Isabel, Lady Ella, Lady Angela, Leila, Iolanthe, Lady Psyche, Melissa, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing, Yum-Yum, Kate (Yeomen), Phoebe Meryll, Gianetta and Tessa

Round, Thomas (born 1915)(More)(Photos)
Born in Barrow-in-Furness on 18 October
Was with the company from 1946 to 1949, 1954 (London season only) and 1958 to 1964
Roles played: Defendant, Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Tolloller, Cyril, Hilarion, Nanki-Poo, Richard Dauntless, Colonel Fairfax, Luiz and Marco
He later appeared with distinction with Sadler's Wells Opera.
Was a Director of "Gilbert & Sullivan For All" and toured for many years with Donald Adams.

Rowe, Rowena
Was with the company from 1889 to 1893
Roles played: Pitti-Sing, Phoebe Meryll and Tessa

Russell, Scott (1868 - 1949)(More)
Born in Malvern on 25th September
Was with the company from 1893 to 1897 and 1902 to 1904
Created the roles of Dramaleigh in "Utopia Limited and Tannhauser in "The Grand Duke"
Other roles played: Box, Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Duke of Dunstable, Tolloller, Cyril, Nanki-Poo, Leonard Meryll, Colonel Fairfax, Marco, Mr Goldbury
Brother of Louie Henri

Ryan, Vera
Married to Alan Styler
Was with the company from 1959 to 1961 and 1966 to 1967
Roles played: Celia and Ada

Ryley, Charles(Photos)
Was with the company from 1883 to1884
Created the role of Florian
Other roles played: Sergeant Willis

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