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Abbott, Margery (1917 - 1991)(Photos)
Born in Nottingham on 20th October
Was with the company from 1935 - 1945
Roles played: Plaintiff, Aline, Lady Ella, Patience, Celia, Phyllis, Chloe, Lady Psyche, Yum-Yum, Zorah, Kate (Yeomen), Giulia, Cassilda and Gianetta.

Adams, Bessel (died 1923)
Was with company from 1902 - 1907
Married to Charles Workman
Roles played: Bridesmaid, Lady Ella, Sacharissa, Ada, Lady Psyche, Peep-Bo, Kate (Yeomen), Fiametta, Giulia and Cassilda.

Adams, Donald (1928 - 1996)(More)(Photos)
Born in Bristol 20th December
Married to Muriel Harding
Was with the company from 1951 to 1969
Roles played: Cox, Bouncer; Counsel, Usher, Boatswain, Captain Corcoran, Dick Deadeye, Samuel, Pirate King, Colonel Calverley, Archibald Grosvenor; Mountararat, Arac, Mikado, Old Adam, Sir Roderic Murgatroyd, 2nd Yeoman, Lieutenant of the Tower, Sergeant Meryll, Antonio
With Thomas Round and Norman Meadmore, founded "Gilbert & Sullivan For All" and toured extensively. In latter years established a distinguished career in grand opera.

Adams, Glyn (1934 - 1997)
Was with company from 1956 - 1969
Married to Elizabeth Mynett
Roles played: Defendant, Ralph Rackstraw, Frederic, Tolloller, Hilarion, Nanki-Poo, Richard Dauntless, Leonard Meryll, Colonel Fairfax, 1st Citizen, 2nd Citizen, Francesco and Marco.
He later joined the English National Opera and was with them for many years.

Andean, Richard
Was with the company from 1906 to 1907
Roles played: Major Murgatroyd, Lord Chancellor and 1st Citizen

Atherton, Brenda
Born in Stockport
Married to Peter Fielding a member of the orchestra
Was with company from 1968 to 1971
Roles played: Fleta, Ada, Ruth (Ruddigore), Giulia and Vittoria.

Augarde, Amy (1868 - 1959)(More)
Born in London 7th July
Was with the company from 1884 to 1888
Roles played: Hebe, Pitti-Sing, Ruth (Ruddigore) and Mad Margaret

Ayldon, John (born 1942)(More)(Photos)
Real Name: John Arnold
Was with the company from 1967 to 1982
Roles played: Bouncer; Associate, Judge,Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, Boatswain, Dick Deadeye, Pirate King, Colonel Calverley, Mountararat, Arac, Mikado, Sir Roderic Murgatroyd, 2nd Yeoman, Sergeant Meryll, Phantis, Prince of Monte Carlo (Grand Duke)

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