'Leonard, my loved one come to me my heart is thine for aye." How many feminine hearts must have echoed Elsie Maynard's words in the years 1937 - 1959. Leonard Osborn joined the Opera Company in 1937, but the War took him into the R.A.F.; he was a great asset at concerts and in choirs in Iceland and other places where he was stationed. After the War he returned to the Company as principal tenor, quickly gaining popularity for his charming personality as much as his lovely voice His entrance on stage was always sure of a round of applause, and his solos always merited an encore. So did his Ruddigore hornpipe the night he broke his ankle but carried on without flinching until he fainted off-stage and the understudy took over.

When he left in 1959 to go into business, he was at the height of his popularity. He was greatly missed, but his admirers had chances of seeing him on stage in one or two amateur shows. After leaving the company he produced for amateur societies in his spare time from running his business in Surrey.

He returned to the company, as Production Director in 1977 and remained with them until the summer of 1980.

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